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Moscow MaleFest is an annual international festival and a discussion floor to talk about gender issues related to men. We're talking about changing images of masculinity and male ideals, stereotypes and sexism, and the costs and challenges of male socialization today.

The MaleFest started in 2020 as a continuation of the Moscow FemFest (founded in 2017), a gender literacy festival focused on the women's agenda. Over time, we saw that society is ready for a conversation about men, which requires an independent platform, where also men, who don't feel comfortable at feminist venues, will come, too.

Our goal is to create a dialogue where the main speakers and storytellers are men. But the space is not exclusively for men. As with FemFest, we are open to various expertise and opinions regardless of gender. Half of the festival's audience are women who consider it is very important to understand what is happening with men today.

Moscow MaleFest 2021
Scheduled for October 9 to online + offline formats. We will talk about the future, gender equality, fashion, pornography, depression, alcoholism, violence, paternity, male body, etc.
October 7, 8 and 10 |
Workshops and practices
October 9 |
Conference and performances in the cultural space "Rassvet" in Moscow with online streaming
History of the festival
The first Moscow MaleFest took place on December 5, 2020. The live broadcast was viewed by more than 4000 people, we had 27 speakers from Russia, the United States, Australia and Holland performed on the scene. They spoke about the "new masculinity", sexism, health, paternity, aging and what is a "successful man".
Festival in numbers (statistics of 2020)
> 4 000
Views all videos of the festival 2020 received in YouTube
Speakers from four countries performed on MFF 2020, majority are men
Materials on the festival appeared in the media in the forms of articles, mentioning on the TV and radio.
Visuals about the first Moscow MaleFest on December 5, 2020
Media about us
Links to the interviews, announcements and discussions to the outcome of the first festival
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Moscow MaleFest 2021 Team
Irina Izotova
Building the program
Lola Tagaeva
Developing partnerships
Aleksandra Tunko
SMM Веду соцсети
Eugeny Kazachkov
Hosting the fes
Vlad Krivoschekov
Research adviser of the MMF
Moscow Malefest is a GENDER TEAM product. We explore gender issues, talk about them at our events and in media, as well as offer solutions - lectures, trainings and consulting. Other projects by GT:
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